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Automated License Plate Recognition Usage and Privacy Policy

  1. SP Plus Corporation (“SP+”) uses ALPR Systems at certain parking facilities where permitted by law and in accordance with the procedures provided below. For purposes of this policy, the following definitions apply:
    1. “ALPR Systems” means a searchable computerized database resulting from the operation of one or more mobile or fixed cameras combined with computer algorithms to read and convert images of registration plates and the characters they contain into computer-readable data.
    2. “ALPR Information” means information or data collected through the use of an ALPR System.
  2. The authorized purposes for using ALPR Systems and collecting ALPR Information include parking enforcement, validating accurate parking rates, and performing vehicle inventories.
  3. ALPR Systems may be used or accessed by authorized SP+ employees whose jobs require such use or access including, without limitation, lot checkers, parking attendants, enforcement agents, and facility managers, or independent contractors who are required to access such information in order to provide a service to SP+ or its clients. Such employees and independent contractors are required to be trained on information security procedures and receive personalized training at the local parking facility level.
  4. ALPR Information collected by SP+ is stored in compliance with applicable data privacy laws within our secure internal SQL and DB2 databases, which are monitored by SP+’s IT Information Security Department. Independent contractors receiving or collecting ALPR Information on behalf of SP+ are required to comply with applicable data privacy laws and security standards when accessing or storing such information.
  5. SP+ does not sell ALPR Information. In states where collection is permitted for unpaid parking citations, we will share parking violation information with a thirty-party collection agency.
  6. For ALPR Information at parking facilities in California, SP+:
    1. Maintains a record of access to its ALPR Information which shows:
      1. The date and time the information is accessed;
      2. The license plate number or other data elements used to query the ALPR System;
      3. The username of the person who accesses the information, and, as applicable, the organization or entity with whom the person is affiliated; and
      4. The purpose for accessing the information.
    2. Requires that ALPR Information is only used for the authorized purposes identified in this policy.
  7. This policy is implemented by SP+’s Director of Operations Support and Director of Information Security.
  8. SP+ is capable of reviewing ALPR Information captured by ALPR Systems for accuracy by comparing it to customer records and data from parking access and revenue control equipment at the parking facilities. SP+ also has a customer dispute procedure in place for customers to report inaccurate charges.
  9. License plate numbers and images of license plates captured by ALPR Systems are retained by SP+ for up to ninety (90) days for paid parking customers and up to five (5) years for unpaid parking customers where a citation has been issued.

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Last Revised 09/15/2020